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TO OL Brewery

To Øl founder and CEO Tore Gynther. To Øl is what people call a gypsy brewery (or pirate/nomad/contract/gold digger brewery – whatever suits your fancy). Basically this means we don’t own our own brewing facilities but lend in at other breweries with spare capacity. Being gypsy is a trust bound marriage with the production facility. The relationship is built on experience, mutual understanding and a shared passion for quality and product development. Producing at breweries we have a long history with ensures consistency in the product. At To Øl we make beers with an edge and will forever focus on quality over quantity. We love both session beers and complex, beasty beers. It’s all about the balance (not the bass)! Our deepest wish in our humble hoppy hearts is to make the best beers in the world. We’re constantly striving for perfection thorough scientific basis colliding with crazy experiments.