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Stockade Brewery


Once upon a brew, four Aussie brothers had a dream to open a brewery and make the best tasting beers in the land. One brother had spent over a decade amassing a wealth of knowledge and experience brewing beers for one of the world’s best known and loved breweries in Germany. Another brother had spent many of his formative years in American College, gathering a wealth of knowledge and taste experience for American craft beers. Upon their return to Australia, the 4 bros got together and hatched a whacky plan… buy an existing brewery and turn it into something that produced some of the best beers the world had ever seen. Fast forward a few years and Stockade Brew Co was born. In 2015, under the name “Stockade”, the brewery won a great number of awards both nationally and internationally, showcasing the quality of our beer, and we couldn’t be more proud that we have achieved the original goal of making world-class, flavourful, kick-ass beers! Now known as Stockade Brew Co, our aim is to get the word out to as many people as possible, so everyone can taste the difference of a well crafted beer.


We brew our beers in a traditional way without additives yet we strive for a unique approach in the styles of beer we make. Our brewing process is all about gut feel and with our inventive team of brewers, inspiration is king. Our core range boasts 3 rad brews: Chop Shop Pale Ale, Duel Hoppy Lager and The Sesh Golden Session Ale. In addition to these, we make a monthly brew based on what our taste buds want to experience and the season of the year. The aim is to brew the best beers all year ‘round without compromise
Stockade Beers