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How The Craft Beer Market Works

When you join The Craft Beer Market you have access to special privileges and pricing. There are no membership fees and you will be entitled to:

  • Discounted pricing across every product.
  • Free shipping Australia wide with any order over $90
  • Special offers sent to you via exclusive member Newsletter.
  • You can choose from any of the beers and ciders we sell. We don't believe in sending you club packages that might have beers you will never drink. 
  • The only condition is there is a minimum spend of $30.  

You invest $40 a month into your own account:

  • This is not a fee or charge as the value is added to your account as credit. The credit rolls over every month so you don't have to buy every month if you don't want to.
  • You can top up the credit at anytime outside of your monthly recurring subscription. You can"layby" for that future party!
  • You can send some of your credit to friends and family as a gift. They can be members already or simply join when they receive your credit transfer email we send to them
  • PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP BEFORE YOU CAN START ADDING ANYTHING TO THE CART. We have to register you, create your subscription financial details and be able to add credit to your account before you can start shopping as a member and get member benefits

Once you are a member you simply login and club pricing is accessible to you on all our products and no shipping costs will be added to your cart. If you have credit then you can use any amount of it and the balance can be paid for by credit card or from your PayPal account


PayPal and Security

Your financial details are of paramount importance to us. For this reason we DO NOT store any details of your credit cards. We prefer, with your subscription payments, to use the PayPal gateway for credit card processing. This has the added benefit of all credit card data being stored off site so that, in any unlikely hacking attempt, your credit card details are secure. This means that to join the club, if you are not already a PayPal member, you will need to register your credit card with PayPal when you reach the PayPal payment page.

Rest assured this is a simple secure process and far more secure than storing your credit card information on our website. With PayPal you also get added Buyer Protection and they will deal with any unauthorised transactions like a bank.

Read our tips on Using PayPal and have a look at PayPal's Online Security page

We use PayPal Express checkout that will make your checkout experience as simple as it can possibly be by auto filling your details during the product checkout process.

Our site uses SSL encryption to make sure your details are safe while using the internet. You will notice in your browser address bar the padlock and https//: url prefix (https//:www.thecraftbeermarket.com.au)