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Evil Twin Brewery

The tale of these Danish twins and their intense dislike of each other has generated global attention for both Mikkeller and Evil Twin, two rivals garnering global acclaim for their gypsy breweries and currently rated #3 and #7 best breweries in the world on RateBeer.
Evil Twin is a gypsy brewery located in Brooklyn and is owned by Jeppe Bjersgo, the twin of Danish gypsy brewery, Mikkeller, which is routinely voted one of the best breweries in the world. Jeppe started his own brewery four years after Mikkeller began and, in an act of winking provocation, named the outfit Evil Twin. The tale of the phantom twins has generated global attention for both Mikkeller and Evil Twin and they both have the beer collections to back it up! It is a smaller operation than Mikkeller, but similarly well regarded among connoisseurs.
The Bjergso brothers have opposite temperaments: Mikkel is reserved; Jeppe is an extrovert. And they are not on good terms, despite — or rather, because of — their shared infatuation with beer.

"We are so much in love with good taste, all the beers from Evil Twin are prepared in 10 of the best breweries around the world. Exclusively hand picked to please you with delicate, funky, extreme and by all means rare flavors. Maybe not the easiest way, but certainly the most fun!!!"


Evil Twin Beers