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Craft Beer and Us

I guess what you could say is that we love Craft Beer and we love real handcrafted Craft Cider. And our favourites are definitely the Australian ones.

We have an appreciation for end result but maybe even more the ethos behind it. Our interest grew from respect of how Craft Beer has gone back to traditional methods – that of a hands on approach and ingredients that are grown on the family orchards.

There are all sorts of brewers, yet all seem to share the passionate mentality that it takes to make the beers and ciders we have hand selected. Our interest kept growing and that is how The Craft Beer Market has started. It has been great fun working on sourcing some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest Craft Beers and Ciders for you guys to enjoy!

With over 250 Craft Beers available and over 55 Craft Cider’s, you can buy from us online as a one off or buy as a monthly member and receive special member prices and FREE delivery Australia Wide to all members with any order over $90

We are husband & wife with 3 small children living by the beach in Sydney. We have been in the hospitality industry for a combined 40 years, managing pubs and restaurants in Australia, London and Edinburgh. Currently we have a small business which Stocktakes both Food and Beverage in pubs and clubs all over Sydney on a month to month basis, which keeps us busy and ahead of the trends in everything beer and cider.

I’m glad you have found us, we will look forward to hearing back from you about the tastes you take from our great beers and ciders delivered to your door.

Greg & Brooke Welch - Sydney Australia